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3 Ways to Satisfy A Woman in The Bedroom

how to satisfy a woman

If you’re enjoying the thrills of having casual sex with women you've met on adult dating sites, there’s a few tips about the female species you might want to know. Read on to hear about the 3 best ways to satisfy a woman in the bedroom.

When it comes to sex, you might be surprised to hear that women don’t expect to be hooking up with Adonis. As much as they might like to have sex with a Chippendale who can last all night, women are a lot more realistic. They know that online sex videos aren’t real life, and movie star studs are pretty hard to come by.

Women looking to hookup for sex online are able to manage their expectations and get satisfaction in other ways. Unless you have recently applied for a topless model job or an action hero role, then make sure you have these 3 things up your sleeve to satisfy your female hookup in the bedroom.

Erogenous Zone A - Her Brain

If you haven’t yet heard about the biggest erogenous zone being the brain, then now you have. Women loosen up dramatically when they feel comfortable and sexy with the person they’re with. Help them let go of any nerves or body insecurities they might have by complimenting them.

Tell them they look good, smell sexy, have great hair, whatever it is that has attracted you to them. Whether it’s the legs, butt or boobs you like, tell them. Compliment, compliment and compliment again, so that they know you want them. That is one of the biggest turn-ons you can give a woman. It helps to give them the feeling of power, that they have the goods you want.

Foreplay Foreplay Foreplay

Men can be terrible at understanding just how much foreplay women want. If you assume that whatever foreplay you give won’t be as much as she wants, you’ll be in the right area. Women don’t just want a quick body grind and hand down the pants. It’s all about anticipation.

Pleasing a woman in the bedroom isn’t just about getting straight into sexual intercourse. They don’t just want your penis shoved in. Excite her, tease her, touch her, tell her what you’re going to do to her. Her excitement level and arousal just keeps increasing as you ramp up these foreplay tactics.

To really hit the mark, find out what type of foreplay really turns her on. Everyone is different, and what works for one women you had sex with might not work for another. Make the effort to find out and you’ll be on the right road to some mindblowing sex in the bedroom with your woman. For more ideas on how to make foreplay more exciting, use the blog article below for some top foreplay sex games. 

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Erogenous Zone B - Her Clitoris

Any man wanting to have good sex with a woman should know how this critical part of the female anatomy works. One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman during sex is having someone attempting to play with the clit, but having no real idea what to do. Most women need clitoral stimulation of some kind to be able to orgasm. So if you want to please your woman in the bedroom, make sure you know how this erogenous zone works.

Just like foreplay, what works for some women won’t work for another, so it’s worth asking what your woman likes during sex. Does she want fingers, oral sex, sex toys, different sex positions, a light or firmer touch on her clitoris. Whatever you do when she’s on the brink of an orgasm don’t stop, as whatever you’re doing is working perfectly.

Following these 3 rules when having sex with a woman will make you act like an Adonis or Chippendale even if you don’t look like one. And that’ll be one satisfied woman.


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