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5 Questions You Should Never Ask On Casual Dating Sites

questions to avoid adult dating

It’s really easy to assume that signing up to a casual dating site means you’re instantly guaranteed to get laid. It’s amazing just how quick and easy it is to sign up, fill out a casual dating profile and start searching for adults near you who are also looking to hookup for sex. However, the bit in between joining and meeting up is where things can go wrong. If the online chat isn’t up to much, efforts to find a hookup partner might never materialise into anything. Before getting chatting to other casual daters online, it’s important to pitch yourself well, and avoid saying the wrong thing.

Here are the top 5 things you should never ask on casual dating sites when chatting online. Stick with these easy rules to improve your chances of getting as far as meeting up in real life.

Is ‘that’ real?

While chatting about the erotic photos that adults have posted on their adult dating profiles is part of the process, avoid questioning what you are seeing. Particularly when it comes to the size of a particular body part, like boobs or a penis, or whether you think they look so hot they must have used a models photo rather than their own. You are much more likely to get a positive response from other daters if you are complimentary about them. Don’t try and call them out. If you’re not sure the photo is real, go about it another way, asking them for another photo or video of them.

How old are you really?

Nobody likes to be asked how old they are. Dating profiles usually include an age field so asking this question is not likely to go down well. It either makes it look like you’ve not bothered to read their profile, or that you don’t believe their stated age and their photo match up, which won’t be appreciated either. If you’re getting in touch with them, you’re clearly keen to make inroads to have sex with them. In which case, it shouldn’t really matter what their age is. As the saying goes, age is just a number.

When was your last hookup?

While it might be tempting to find out just how much action other casual daters are getting, it’s really none of your business what they are up to. Remember you are on a casual dating site, the very nature of which means people are promiscuous and looking to have fun with multiple people. It won’t be of any benefit to you to know what they are up to, so just don’t ask.

Are you free tonight?

OK, yes, you’re on a hookup site, and spontaneity is all part and parcel of casual dating. However, you shouldn’t assume that others are going to be immediately available and will drop everything for you the minute you message them. A little bit of groundwork will be needed to seal the deal. So, think up something more leading and interesting to spark up conversation. For more tips on conversation starters click here.

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