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6 Things To Do Before Meeting Up For Sex

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So, you’ve made it through the groundwork on an adult dating site to the point of meeting up. You’ve sent interesting messages that caught their attention. You got a response. You’ve flirted, chatted, got horny together, and now you’ve arranged to meet up in real life for sex. Excellent. So don’t mess it up at the last hurdle when you’re about to get between the sheets and be intimate together.

There’s a few simple things you need to get on and do before heading off for your sex encounter. To make sure you both get naked and stay naked, spend a bit of time paying some attention to these 6 things to do before meeting for a casual sex date.

Dress the Part

Turning up in your tracksuit bottoms, trainers or an old t-shirt isn’t likely to turn anyone on. You may have agreed to meet up for sex, but you’re not naked yet, so make sure you look presentable enough to turn on your partner-to-be and entice them into wanting to rip your clothes off.

Make sure you avoid wearing anything that has a stain on it, that’s a complete turn off. If you know what each other likes, then wear it, a short skirt or revealing top showing some sexy underwear for women. For men, a shirt with some top buttons undone, a good fitting pair of jeans, and good shoes is a good start. If you’re both into dressing up, bondage or role play, have this at the ready to be revealed at the earliest opportunity.

Brush Your Teeth

This can almost certainly be a deal breaker, or at the very least could lead to an awkward exchange of mints or breath freshener. You wouldn’t want to turn up only to find remnants of food still wedged between your teeth. It’s a simple fix. Ensure you brush well, floss and use mouthwash. Dental hygiene is critical to a good sex encounter. Chew gum or mints en route to your sex rendezvous, keeping your breath fresh right up until you arrive at the door.

If you’re prone to bad breath, be wary of what you choose to eat at least a few hours before you’re sex hook up. Avoid anything with garlic in it, as well as onions and anything too acidic.

Smell Good

Oral hygiene and personal hygiene are equally important when it comes to having sex. It’s really not rocket science that bad body odour is a complete turn off. Before sex, have a good shower, freshen up, use deodrant and apply a good perfume or cologne. Women in particular can be hugely aroused by a good smell. Don’t overcomplicate the matter, stick with what you know, and avoid something that might be too overpowering, as a scent that is too strong can also be a turn off.

Bring Supplies

Depending on what kind of sex you have planned, there may well be sex toys, and other accessories you have talked about using. Make sure you don’t forget these, as it could be a huge let down if the sex encounter isn’t what you were both wanting it to be. Also ensure they are working, have batteries and are clean and ready for action.

It also goes without saying that protection should always be used. Don’t expect your partner to have this. Bring your own and bring multiples so you don’t get caught out and end up short.

Groom Properly

This applies to both men and women. Having good sex involves a good physical connection, and similar to the oral and personal hygiene, grooming yourself is also key. Razor cuts on faces, legs, underarms or your intimate areas is not a good look, and can also cause discomfort while you’re having sex.

Try not to scrimp on cheap products that give cheap results. Good shampoo, body wash and moisturiser with nice smells are well worth the money. Taking your time not to rush your grooming efforts is also critical to the end result, as is using good equipment, not throw away cheap rubbish that will you with cuts, or stubble.

Agree the Boundaries

Good sex comes with a good understanding of each others needs. It’s important to make sure you have full consent of all types of sex acts you are hoping for, and knowing where the limits and boundaries are. This is one of the most important factors to bear in mind when having a casual hook up. The last thing you want it to land yourself in any kind of hot water. If you keep things crystal clear, you’ll enjoy great sex.

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