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How to Boost your Libido for Even Better Sex

boosting your libido

Whether you’re getting plenty of sex but would like it to last longer, or you want to be in the mood more often, there’s some easy ways to boost your libido for even better sex. We’re not talking about popping blue pills just yet, there’s a whole host of other things you can do to help improve your own libido and ultimately experience more pleasure.

Quit It

Sexual arousal requires good blood circulation, and smoking has been scientifically proven to not only clog the arteries in the heart, but other areas of the body too. Nicotine is also linked to causing a lower sex drive in men. If you’re still smoking, it’s time to get started on the nicotine patches, and watch as your sex life improves.

Move It

Being overweight can reduce your libido, and make you more self conscious about your appearance which in turn reduces your self esteem. Physical activity also boosts your mood, improves your blood circulation and will make you stronger and more flexible. All the things needed for good sex. So if you’re not doing exercise, start thinking of ways to get in shape and set up a regular exercise regime into your week.

Sleep On It

Sleep deprivation puts our bodies under stress. When this happens, the brain suppresses the production of the all important sex hormones. This in turn decreases sex drives and can also lead to erectile dysfunction. To help your libido, put an end to working late or those Netflix boxsets.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

This one is for the ladies. You know you should be doing them, but many women forget to practise this important exercise. Strengthening this muscle will dramatically improve your ability to orgasm. If you weren’t doing them before, there’s a great incentive to start.

Check Medication

There are a number of medicines that have the unfortunate side effects of causing erectile dysfunction or a lowered sex drive. Check what you’re on, and if you feel this might be causing such side-effects, look into discussing with your doctor what you might be able to change.

The following herbs have been cited as having sexual benefits. Give them a try and see if you notice a difference. If you can’t include them into your daily diet, do your own research first before starting any course of supplements.

Zinc - This has been linked to the production of testosterone, and evidence suggests it may impact male sexual competency. Sources of zinc include red meat, shellfish, chickpeas, lentils and seeds.

Flavonoids - Fruit and erectile dysfunction have been reportedly linked. Researchers have linked a higher fruit intake with a decrease in erectile dysfunction. Fruits rich in flavonoids include grapes, apples, red wine, tea and berries.

Arginine - one of the main ingredients in Viagra, it helps to open blood vessels which improves blood flow. It can be found in turkey, pork, chicken and pumpkin seeds and soya beans.

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