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How to Keep Things Casual When Adult Dating

keeping things casual

Using an adult dating site to meet new people and hook up for one-night stands and casual encounters is ideal when you’re not looking to start a relationship.

The best casual dating sites give you the freedom to meet people for casual fun, without the expectation of a relationship developing. However, you might find that feelings start to creep in, particularly if the sex is mind-blowing, you discover you have the same sexual fantasies or fetishes, or you just really get on.

If you’re definitely not open to starting a relationship, below are some tips for how to keep things casual when adult dating. Sticking to these tips should help to keep you out of the danger zone of feelings and attachments developing.

Avoid Routine

While it might be difficult to turn down a regular booty call, getting into a sex routine with someone when casual dating could easily start you on a slippery slope to something becoming more than casual. It’s better to keep things more spontaneous, and maintain a certain level of distance between you both.

Keep Conversations Light

Keeping all conversations lightweight will help keep distance between you both. Avoid discussing politics, previous relationships, life goals, and anything else that involves sharing feelings. Getting to know each other at this level can start to build bonds and emotions.

Don’t Stay Over

When you’re casual dating, it’s best to avoid sleepovers. Having a great night of passion is one thing, but staying over for post-coital cuddles, showers, and breakfast together in the morning is a big red zone for attachments to start developing. Keep it simple, and always head home. If that's not possible, leave early and definitely skip breakfast.  

Steer Clear of Friends

Even the suggestion of meeting friends when you’re casual dating should be a big red flag. Being introduced to friends can very quickly put you in the danger zone of becoming a more permanent fixture. Avoid any dealings with friends at all costs if you want to keep things casual. 

Keep Your Distance

When you’re casual dating, make sure you keep some distance between you both. Don’t immediately respond to all messages, or accept every offer to meet up. For casual dating to be successful, there needs to be a certain of space maintained to avoid you getting close to each other and feelings start to develop.

Think About Locations

When meeting up, it’s a good idea to choose locations carefully. Avoid meeting in the local bars or clubs that you would normally hang out in. Try to avoid making things too personal to you or your life. Keeping things casual is key, so romantic dinners or sunset locations should also be kept off the table. Head somewhere that you would both enjoy, but that is neutral territory, and doesn’t give the impression you want anything serious.

Be Clear

Communication is always key, and this is particularly important when casual dating. Be clear from the outset and if needed, re-iterate what it is you’re wanting during your casual dating encounters. If you’ve made your intentions crystal clear, and used the tips above, it should be easy to steer clear of slipping into the relationship zone, or hurting anyones feelings.

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