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Most Popular Places to Have Casual Sex Outdoors

casual sex outdoors

If you’re looking for somewhere more exciting than a bedroom, house or hotel to have sex in, you’re not alone. Lots of sex hookups are taking place in the great outdoors. This doesn’t necessarily mean dogging spots, but exhilerating quickies in public spaces that heighten the adrenaline sex rush.

It’s worth remembering however that sex in a public place in the UK is illegal. So if you’re venturing out, be prepared to take the risk of getting your collar felt. With this in mind, it’s likely to be a quickie, so make sure you’re fully prepared. Think easy-access clothing, and protection on hand. Safety should always be a priority, as well as not getting caught.

Here are some of the most popular places to have casual sex outdoors.

At the Cinema

With the rise of posh cinemas comes the rise of naughtiness in front of the big screen. With large sofas and even beds on offer complete with cushions and blankets, it’s understandable why the cinema has upped the stakes from a high school snog to much more naughtier goings on.

On the Bus

Double decker buses work particularly well for sneaking in a quickie sex session. The top floor can be a great casual sex spot for you and your partner when the coast is clear, and the bus route has a good amount of time between stops.

Public Bathroom

Not the type you’d find at a train station or on the street, but more a bar or restaurant. It’s easy to disappear off for a quickie using the facilities. The better class of establishment, the posher the bathrooms will be. An ensuite bathroom ticks all the boxes, as it gives a more private space and its own sink to lean against and use to freshen up with after.

Phone Box

These old dinosaurs are still scattered about, and provide a great intimate spot for a quickie. A dimly lit, low traffic spot would be best. It’s also worthwhile bringing some wet wipes though as these structures probably don’t get a good clean very often.

In the Park

Pick a park and you should be able to find a secluded spot for some animalistic action. Take a stroll around, take a picnic and make an afternoon or evening of it.

On the Train

If empty train carriages are still possible in your neck of the woods, then casual sex on a train can be a thrilling ride. Make sure there’s enough time between stations and search for the quietest end of the train. Just beware of ticket inspectors doing their rounds, and cameras that might catch you in the act.

On the Beach

If you live by the coast, meeting up for casual sex on the beach is a vast outdoor sex location. Take a blanket to avoid nasty incidents with pebbles or sand, and enjoy the sunset or sunrise when the day-trippers have headed off.

The Car

Take a ride and park up for a quickie in the front or back. It doesn’t have to be dogging spots. Think more multi-storey car parks, side streets or your own driveway. It’s a good idea to think about the best sex positions that would work in such a confined space before getting started.

If you’re not sure you want to be caught in the act, but want to start venturing outdoors for sex, safer options include your garden, rooftop, terrace or balcony.

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