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Tips for Keeping Your Casual Sex Life Healthy

keeping a healthy sex life

Hooking up for casual sex encounters is a great way to enjoy sex with different partners and try new things. Whether it’s exploring your sexual fantasies and kinks, having threesomes, or having sex with cougars or toyboys, adult dating sites open up plenty of opportunities for sex.

An important part of the hookup culture is make sure you stay healthy and practice safe sex. We’re not just talking about using contraception, but making sure it’s just you that’s moving between partners, and not infections. Here’s a simple reminder of the things you should be doing to keep your casual sex life healthy as you enjoy adult dating hookups.

Keep It Clean

Making the effort to get clean after sex is a simple but effective way to avoid picking up germs and bacteria that can lead a nasty infection. Washing your hands and cleaning yourself down below after sex can protect men and women from contracting urinary tract infections (UTI’s). It’s a common misconception that women need to wash inside to their vagina to get clean, but this isn’t the case. Washing inside could actually cause infections as it changes the natural balance of bacteria that does its own job of protecting this area.

Don’t forget to also clean sex toys once your finished with them. Clean each toy after every use, and avoid sharing them around too much.

Keep it Simple

There’s an endless range of scented soaps, wipes, creams and sprays these days you can get hold of for refreshing your personal areas. These can sometimes do more harm than good, and cause breakouts or discomfort. Warm water and a simple soap will always do the trick just as well, and be much less harsh on your body. Keep it simple when you're keeping it clean.

Keep it Empty

Always make the effort to relieve yourself and empty your bladder after sex. Bacteria that you may have picked up during sex can be flushed out before it causes an infection. It’s also a good idea to hydrate yourself after sex, so drink plenty of water, as this will help to further flush out bacteria. And remember ladies, always wipe from front to back. 

Keep it Loose

While you might like to wear a range of tight fitting or sweat inducing sexy, kinky outfits during your sex sessions, change out of them after the event is over. Clothing that makes you hot and sweaty has a habit of breeding bacteria. Keep it loose after sex. Either go commando in bed for some fresh air or throw on some comfy cotton underwear to let your body cool down.

Keep it Checked

Everyone should make the effort to get tested regularly. Many infections can carry no symptoms at all, so while you think you've got a full bill of health, you might not. It then makes it exceptionally easy to pass infections around to other partners without realising. The only way to be sure is to have regular check-ups, at least after every new sex partner. 

Keep it Up

Sex is great for our health and mental well-being. Lots of studies have shown that regular sex can increase immunity to viruses, help to relieve stress and pain, and be a great mood booster. So the more sex you have the more healthy you're likely to be. Read more about ways to boost your libido.


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