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Adult Dating Sex Acronyms

On adult dating sites, just like traditional dating sites, there are a number of abbreviations and terms that are commonly used. Thanks to chat rooms and text messages the lingo has developed as a shortened way to type what you want to say.

Below is a guide to the most frequently used sex dating abbreviations you might see. If you’re joining an adult sex dating site for the first time, this is some of the lingo you might find, so keep this list to hand!

Adult Sex Dating Acronyms

ASL - Age/Sex/Location
B&D - Bondage and discipline
BB - Barebacking
BB - Bodybuilder
BBC - Big Black Cock
BBC - Big Black C**t
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
BCD – Behind closed doors
bf - Black female
BF - Boyfriend
BJ – Blow Job
BHM - Big Handsome Man
Bi - Bisexual
BiF - Bisexual Female
BiM - Bisexual Male
CD - Crossdresser
CPL - Couple
D&S - Dominance and Submission
DDF - Drug and disease free
Dom - Male Dominant
Domme - Female Dominant
DP – Deep penetration, two guys on one girl
DT – Deep throat DTE - Down to Earth
DUM – Do you masturbate
DWF - Divorced White Female
DWM - Divorced White Male
F2F – Face to face
F4F – Female for Female
FA - Fat Admirer
FFA - Fat Female Admirer
FTM - Female To Male
FWB - Friend with benefits
GF - Girlfriend
GG - Genetic Girl
GILF - Grandmother I'd like to f**k
GNOC – Get naked on Cam
GWM – Gay white male
GSOH - Good sense of humour
GSM – G Spot Massage
Het - Heterosexual
HWP - Height Weight Proportional
IRL - In Real Life
ISO - In Search Of
IWSN – I want sex now
LDR – Long distance relationship
LTR - Long term relationship
M4M - Man for Man
M4MW - Man for Man and Woman
M4T - Male for Transsexual
M4T - Male for Transvestite
M4W - Man for Woman
MBA – Married but available
MBC - Married black couple
MBiC - Married bisexual couple
MILF - Mothers I'd like to f**k
MOTOS - Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSS - Member Of The Same Sex
MTF - male-to-female
MW4M - Man and Woman for Man
MW4W - Man and Woman for Woman
MWC - Married white couple
NB – No baggage
NIFOC – Nude in Front of Computer
NS – Non smoker
NSA - No Strings Attached
OWO – Oral without condom
PNP - Party and Play
RP – Role Playing
RPG – Role Playing Games
RTS - Real-Time Sex
S&M - Sado-masochism
S/M - Sado-masochism
SBF - Single Black Female
SBiF - Single Bisexual Female
SBiM - Single Bisexual Male
SBM - Single Black Male
SO – Significant Other
SSBBW - Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman
SSBHM - Super-Sized Big Handsome Male
STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease
STR8 - Straight
sub - Submissive partner in BDSM
subbie - Submissive partner in BDSM
subby - Submissive partner in BDSM
SWF - Single White Female
SWM - Single White Male
SWS - Sex Without Strings
TD2M – Talk Dirty to Me
TG - Transgendered
TLC - Tender Loving Care
TS - TransSexual
TV - Transvestite
VAS - Vasectomy
VBD – Very bad date
VGL - Very Good Looking
WE - Well endowed
WS - WaterSports
W4M - Woman for Man
W4MW - Woman for Man and Woman
W4W - Woman for Woman
WLTM - Would Like To Meet

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