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5 Foreplay Sex Games To Try

foreplay sex games

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. We all know how important it is for a great sex session, so if you’re looking for some fun foreplay ideas to try with your next sex partner, try one of these 5 foreplay sex games. Not only are they an easy way to break the ice with a new sex partner, they're also great to get the all-important foreplay underway. Trying a sex game injects some fun into the start of your intimate session, and gets things going in a natural way. They are also a great way to work out pretty quickly what your partner is aroused by.

These 5 foreplay sex games don't require any props, board games or bondage. They simply need an open mind, a pinch of humour and a partner. Get started and see how quickly the night moves in the right direction.

30 Seconds

This game is as simple as it sounds. Set a timer for 30 seconds, and allow your partner to tease and pleasure you. See how aroused you can get in that time before switching over. A great way to get foreplay started and get turned on and well into the swing of things.

No Sex Yet

This sex game is about teasing your partner until they can’t take not having sex any longer. The partner who caves first and initiates sex is the loser. Depending on how competitive you both are, this game can lead to hours of erotic foreplay as you battle it out to not lose the game.

Orgasm Race

This is a simple game that’s a great way of getting familiar with your partners body and how they like to be touched. Simply set a timer, and watch each other as you both pleasure yourselves. Whoever orgasms first is the winner. To make things fair the winner then needs to give oral stimulation until the loser orgasms.


This is best started in a seated position. One partner starts the game by exploring, touching or kissing the others body. The receiving partner then has to replicate the same movements back in the same places. This game is a good way to arouse each other without needing to say anything, and find out how each other likes to be touched.


Blindfold one participant. The other then has 10 minutes to do what they want to the blindfolded person. The blindfolded person must stay silent throughout. The aim of the game is to arouse the blindfolded person so much that they make a moan or a sound of pleasure and lose the game.


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