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4 Things To Say When Adult Dating Online

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Having success and finding someone to get laid with on casual dating sites does still require a bit of time and effort. The key to landing yourself a hookup is good messages. If you send good messages, this then leads to things moving offline, into phone sex and sexting and then the ultimate goal of having sex. However, bad communication ends up in some serious crash and burn situations, and the next person in line getting lucky instead of you. For some top tips on what not to say, read our top 5 things you should never ask on casual dating sites. Below is a guide to 4 things you must say in your hookup messages. These golden rules will give you a much better chance of getting a response to your messages, and ultimately lead you to good sex hookups.

Say Something Exciting

While everyone on casual dating sites are ultimately looking for sex, there needs to be some excitement in the prospect of getting together to spark up some interest. Simply sending a message that says ‘come over for sex’ or ‘I want to hookup tonight’ won’t be particularly seductive or intriguing.

Instead, consider painting a picture of the sort of hookup you’d like to have. Be open and honest here, as describing something that doesn’t match the reality isn’t going to work out. But make it appealing, whether it’s ‘let’s start with some wine’, or ‘let’s run a bath’. After all, getting intimate does require a small amount of foreplay!

Use Compliments

Whoever you’re looking to hookup with, good sex means being turned on, and a large part of that is down to people feeling good about themselves. So make sure you pay them a compliment that makes them feel good. If you’ve bothered to send them a message to start up conversation, there must be something that you like about them to want to have sex with them, so talk about it, and say what it is you like and why.

Make it Unique

If your approach to adult dating is to send out a load of messages in the hope that one of them will respond, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Women on adult dating sites are particularly likely to be inundated with messages from men wanting sex. Making yours stand out and not look like a cut and paste message is absolutely critical. Following the tips above should put you in a great position to create a unique message. It’s also worth thinking about the inbox title that will appear. Something like ‘hey’, ‘sex tonight?’ ‘I want sex with you’, will do nothing for your open rate. Take the time to make your message unique but also your message title, so that it stands out in a long inbox.

Ask a Question

This is a golden rule that applies in all types of settings, not just about finding a sex hookup. If you’re looking for a response, then ask a question. Don’t send a message that just talks about yourself and what sort of casual fling you’re looking for. Similarly, don’t send a pointless question like ‘‘want to have sex?’. Ask something the reader feels more compelled to get back to you with the answer. Have some fun with it, flirt, be risque, and make it fun. After all, this is all part of your foreplay in getting yourself a sex hookup.

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