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The 8 Most Common Fetishes

most common fetishes

If you’re on a casual dating site looking for sex, you might be wondering what’s out there. When it comes to sex, there’s something for everyone, and there is no real normal. Sex can be as vanilla, or diverse and varied as you’d like. There’s all sorts of sexual desires fantasies, kinks and fetishes out there. Depending on which way you’re inclined, you might find that what turns you on is actually quite normal and common.

To get the terminology straight, a fetish can be described as an attraction to an inanimate object or particular body part. Different to fantasies, a fetish is something you need to have present to get aroused and orgasm. Here’s a list of 8 of the most common fetishes that are anything but vanilla.


This fetish is all about being aroused watching other people be naked and/or have sex. With porn so popular these days, it’s no surprise that voyeurism is one of the most common fetishes.


A nylon fetish is all about the revolutionary material most commonly used in stockings. Having a fetish for this type of material comes in different guises. It might be that the fetish is seeing various body parts in nylon, like toes, feet or legs. Or it might be being tied up by nylon stockings, using them as bondage material or ripping or tearing the material.


While it’s illegal to have sex in a public place in the UK, outdoor places that won’t see you being carted off by the old bill include gardens, roof terraces and balconies. To really let loose, swinger clubs allow adults to show off in public to other consenting adults.


Having a foot fetish is more common than some might think. It’s recently been cited as fetish-related term most often searched for on Google. Having a foot fetish can vary. For some it might be as simple as being turned on by the sight of feet, while others might like to see them dressed in shoes, stockings, nylon. For some, a foot fetish is more personal, and involves toe sucking or giving feet a massage.


Spanking is another common fetish that’s particularly popular in roleplay and BDSM. Spanking or being spanked by someone else can vary from a light spanking to using props like whips or canes. The buttocks area and top of the thigh area is the erogenous zone here for spanking.


Making up a large part of how we all look, it’s not surprising that a common fetish includes hair. Brunettes, blonds, ponytails, bobs or long hair, having a hair fetish is a particularly common fetish among men.


BDSM is an overall term that includes a multitude of different sexual activities. In basic terms, BDSm stands for B - bondage, D - discipline, S - sadism and M is for masochism. Any BDSM fetishes are around power, where there is a submissive and a dominant role. Click here for an introductory guide into the world of BDSM

Golden Showers

Officially called Urolagnia - this fetish means that you are aroused by urination, whether it’s the sight, smell or feel of it. Golden showers specifically refers to peeing on a partner. Piss play is a wider term that can include peeing on different body part or wetting clothes.

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