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Easy Ways to Arouse A Man Before Sex

how to arouse a man

If you’ve lined up a casual sex date with a male, you’ll want to arouse him just as much as you’ll want him to arouse you. The obvious starting points are looking and smelling good and wearing seductive lingerie. But if you’re anxious about stripping off and getting naked, here are 6 easy ways to arouse a man before sex. They work every time.

Take Charge

Men find confidence in women a turn on. They also love for girls to take charge during sex, and feel dominated. Even if you don’t want to run the whole show, making the first moves will arouse him enough to get sex well and truly underway.

Straddle Him

Sitting on a guys lap puts you in the perfect position for him to be overcome with the thought of sex of having sex with you. Raising his heart and his body parts, this close proximity will most definitely get things started.

Use Your Voice

No matter what your voice is like, everyone can sound seductive. A soft voice or whisper always sounds sexy. Bring your mouth close to his ear and whisper to him. Tell him how turned on you are, what you want to do to him, or what you want him to do to you will get his heart racing. Inject some dirty talk in there and it won’t take long for you to become completely irresistible to him.

Make the Right Sounds

If you don’t want to talk much during sex, noises can be a huge turn on and silence filler. Moaning, groaning, ooohh and mmmm noises can have a powerful effect on both his mind and his male parts. Do what feels natural to you. If you’re enjoying yourself, make the noises known.

Act Sexy

Even if you’re self-conscious about certain parts of your body, try not to show it. Chances are whatever your insecurities, he isn’t going to notice them, particularly while you’re in the swing of things. A big turn off for guys can be a girls’ body hang-ups. Let go of them, enjoy the moment, and act like you’re sporting your ideal body.

Use His Hands

Using his hand across your body to touch you is very arousing for men. Move them around your body parts, over your face, and in your mouth to turn him on while you stay in control. Tease him, and make it as erotic as you can.

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