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How to Stay Safe On Adult Dating Sites

how to stay safe online

We should all be aware that any form of dating carries a certain amount of risk. Whether you’re meeting new people online or offline, the same common-sense precautions should always apply. If you’re venturing into the world of casual hookups, there’s a few simple rules outlined below that you can use to help you stay safe on adult dating sites.

The best casual dating sites like RedHotSocial use the latest technology and software available to reduce online risks. Scammer software is in place to stop members joining the site for the wrong reasons. They reduce fraudulent activity and aim to ensure members are who they say they are. The privacy policy and personal data guarantee also ensures that member data never gets into the wrong hands, and is kept secure at all times.

Casual adult dating members however also need to do their own bit to stay safe online. Below are useful tips on how to stay safe on adult dating sites. Always use caution and common sense when dating online.

Keep Your Anonymity

While you’re using a casual dating site, keeping your anonymity is extremely important. Think about your choice of username, and how much information you reveal about yourself in your profile. Avoid giving any information out about where you might like to hang out or socialise.

Be careful with the sort of imagery you use, and if you decide to move to calls, texts or video calls, keep your location private as long as possible, and be careful with nude or erotic images or videos you circulate. You wouldn’t want them getting into the wrong hands.

Use Common Sense

It’s always a good idea to use a certain amount of caution when meeting new people, particularly online. Use your common sense. Check if the profile description and photo match up. If it looks too good to be true, it most probably is. Check things out where you can, before giving away too much about yourself.

Ask for A Photo

While the best adult dating sites approve all photos and profiles that are uploaded, it’s not always possible to check for everything. If a member does not have a photo, you should ask for one or several to check their authenticity. Likewise, if the photo looks too perfect, ask for another one. If someone refuses to give a photo, it’s likely they have something to hide, so be cautious about continuing blind communications of this kind.

Don’t ‘Help’ Anyone

Anyone who asks for some kind of help online should be avoided at all costs and reported. There have been countless unfortunate instances where online daters have been asked for money to help for an emergency, tricked into giving their bank details, their address, or loaning money for a supposed sick relative. All highly skilled scams that manage to slip through the net. The basic rule here should be if anyone is needing your help, run a mile, and stop all communication.

Speak First

Before you migrate from online dating to phone, video or meeting up in real life for sex, it’s a good idea to have a conversation. This will be a great way to check out the person is who they have said they are so far. It’s also an extremely effective way to become more familiar with someone, and check your gut feeling on them. It’s always a good idea to ask them a few questions that check certain aspects about them. If someone seems significantly different to their online persona, warning signs should light up.

Be Careful With Images and Videos

As things hot up, nude or erotic videos, photos and calls may be next before meeting up in person. It’s a good idea to think through how best to protect your privacy and anonymity with this sort of communication.

Meet Somewhere Safe

Meeting up for a no-strings sex date is exciting. No matter what your friends of family may think about your casual dating encounters, it’s important to tell someone where you are going and when you’ll be back. Always arrange to meet somewhere public first before getting down to business. Meet for a drink or a short walk somewhere in public so check that gut feel again.

Be Extra Cautious

It’s extremely important to always trust your gut instinct, and never do anything you don’t feel happy about. Use your judgement. If something doesn’t feel right, stop and leave. Your safety is more important than worrying about how your behaviour might upset someone or come across. It’s OK to change your mind, so feel confident in your decision and your behaviour, and never be forced into anything you’re not happy with.

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